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Team Background

Independence–X Aerospace (IDXA) is the official Google Lunar X-Prize team from Malaysia. IDXA is lead by Mohd Izmir Yamin (Aerospace Engineering), who has numerous experiences in rocket propulsion and robotic control system, also earned local and international award for invention and innovation. To date IDXA has a strong fleet of strategic advisors that have served the industries in various related engineering and business field as professional engineers, technologist and academicians.

This team has diverse expertise which will effectively distribute the task based on members specialities. Our primary advantage in joining this competition is due to our strategic geographical location, which helps to reduce the launching costs and the utilization of the abundance of direct solar reception. Participation of new team members will be recruited through online advertisement from our website based on appropriate required qualification and experience by the respective divisions.


Name : Mohd. Izmir bin Yamin

Nationality : Malaysian

Date of Birth : 28th April 1982


  • Educational achievement

Izmir Yamin graduated from Universiti Teknologi Mara with a Bachelor (Honours) Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Diploma in Aerospace Engineering; Business Administration from Illinois Institute of Technology. He is a graduate engineer from the Institute of Engineers Malaysia and an affiliate Engineer from Institute of Mechanical Engineers. He is currently pursuing his Post Graduate Studies in Aeronautical Engineering in UiTM.

  • Entrepreneur achievement

Izmir has experience in running a Fuel Cell Technology for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)/Ground Vehicle and CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) based company called Enviero Technologies in Shah Alam as Technical Director in business incubation training for 1 year. The experiences gained are Configuration and Engineering Management and the vast knowledge in research and product commercialization. Izmir holds various achievements, internationally and locally. Some of the medals and awards are :

GOLD MEDAL – Eureka Innovation and Invention Comp 2006, 2009 (Belgium, Brussels)

SILVER MEDAL – Eureka Innovation and Invention Comp 2006, (Belgium, Brussels)

SPECIAL INNOVATION AWARD – Christian Dupont by Belgian Minister of Science 2006, Best Invention to Tackle Climate Change 2009.

GOLD MEDAL – Inventions, Innovation and Design 2006, 2009 (Shah Alam, Malaysia)

GOLD MEDAL – International Technology Exhibition 2009 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

SILVER MEDAL – International Technology Exhibition 2006, 2009 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

SILVER MEDAL – Malaysian Technology Expo 2009 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

BRONZE MEDAL – Malaysian Technology Expo 2006,(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

BRONZE MEDAL – Inventions, Innovation and Design 2006 (Shah Alam, Malaysia)

He is currently working as an Aerospace Stress Engineer in the development of Commercial and Military Aircrafts. He has demonstrated his strong leadership and analytical problem solving skill in the Eco-Shell marathon challenge in 2010 by leading a team of engineers to invent a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

His passion is to personally view and appreciate GOD’s creation in Space through the interest of Space Flight and Inventions. It has taken him to some successful projects and some of the inventions achieved were the creation of the  Liquid Propellent Rocket, Solid Propellent Rocket, Pulse Jet Engine, High Speed Remote Control Aircraft, Low Subsonic Wind Tunnel, Remote Control Indoor Blimp, Hydroxyleum technology, CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) Hot Wire Cutter, Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered UAV, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Urban Concept Vehicle, Robotics System, and Smart Thermo Electric Generator.

Izmir is also working on the research and development of Smart Geo Tag Aerial Imaging, and materialize the prototype into commercial actualization. He will oversee the development of Smart Geo Tag Aerial Imaging from the software programming, using C language, to the integration of all system components. Geo-Tagging software & pinning, camera, servo’s for the control of the flight path, GPS, etc. His expertise is especially vital in the development of the entire UAV SMART Geo Tag Aerial Imaging.

Role in this project

Izmir is also the Founder of Independence X Aerospace, Chief Executive Officer for the only Malaysian and South East Asia Team out of 29 teams worldwide participating in the Google Lunar X Prize, with the mission to launch a rocket to the moon by 2012.

His success with Independence X has been published in New Straits Times, Utusan Malaysia, The Star, Geo Magazine from Europe (Germany), MSNBC News, Market Wire, Asia Times, Space.com, CNN Tech.com on his expertise in rocket building technology and his participation in the Google Lunar X Prize. His additional role would be on legality & international documentation liaisons of the project.



Name : Evelyn Leong Chia Wai

Nationality : Malaysian

Age : 4th June 1975


  • Educational achievement

Evelyn Leong obtained a Master of Business Administration from the University of Nottingham Trent, United Kingdom. She also possessed a diploma in photography from New York Institute of Photography.

  • Entrepreneur achievement

Evelyn has experience in creating, establishing and managing new and existing retail brands. She started her own branding consultancy and marketing communications company called Tehcnique8 in 2007, and some of the projects she has undertaken are Kenko Fish Spa & Reflexology, Adonis Wellness in Pavilion and latest addition is a balloon party shop called partymoomoo.com. Besides Technique8, Evelyn is also active in environmental related products, services and charitable programs, under the company called Nexcore Greentech Solutions Sdn Bhd. She actively promotes  water recycling solution called Biosol to manufacturing plants which consumes large amount of water. She is also active in conducting tree planting awareness programs to children in Malaysia under the e-community called Igrowtree.com. Evelyn is one of the 3 core team members of Independence X Aerospace, the one and only team from Malaysia and South East Team out of 29 teams worldwide participating in the Google Lunar X Prize, with the mission to launch a rocket to the moon by 2012.

Some of her achievements in her career and personal development life are-Helped Kenko established the first indoor fish spa in the world (under the Malaysia Book of Records); obtained the Malaysia Spa and Wellness Award; raised RM135,000 within 3 weeks for the Abused Children and women. Evelyn has an accumulation of 17 years working experience with multi- national companies-ranging from operation, marketing, sales, customer service, logistics, warehousing, PR & Media.

She has demonstrated an inspiring leadership skill through the charitable foundation projects leading a team of volunteers in fund raising and creating public awareness. Her success has been published in TV3 Nona, Malaysia Hari Ini, NTV7 Aura, Astro programs, CNN, Utusan Malaysia, local chinese newspapers and magazines, Japanese, Hong Kong and Middle Eastern magazines, The Star, Geo Magazine from Europe, MSNBC News, Market Wire, Asia Times, Space.com. Evelyn is passionate about photography, majoring in environmental photography.

Role in this project

Due to her expertise in branding, media, public relations and marketing communications, Evelyn will be handling the business development and public relations of Google Lunar X Prize and all activities pertaining to this project.

As a Chief Operating Officer in Independence X, Evelyn carries the responsibility of various roles. From the operation aspects of the entire company, including Finance, & Human Resources & Operations, she also plays an active role in this project as a Mental Energy Coach to drive the project into reality.



Name : Goh Keng Lee, Colin

Nationality : Malaysian

Age : 24th January 1975


Educational achievement

Colin Goh obtained an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. He majors in structures, stress analysis and environmental building management. He is an active member of the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).

Entrepreneur achievement

Colin has an accumulated of 15 years of working experience with multi- national companies handling projects such as Penang 2nd bridge, MLNG3 in Bintulu, FPFC in Teluk Ramunia, Subang overhead bride launching, ING in Ampang, and Parcel 3 & 4 in Putrajaya. He has worked closely with Putrajaya Holdings, IJM  Berhad, Gamuda Berhad and MMC Berhad providing structural consultancy for their projects. Colin has established his own company called CG Tools & Machinery in 2008, providing consultation on utilization of construction tools and machineries, as well as supplying building materials and construction services to retail outlets and housing.

He was selected as one of the Facilitator in a corporate culture restructuring program based in South East Asia, training corporate teams from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Colin has great passion in promoting environmental awareness through his consultation to organizations who wish to build green facilities. He is currently assisting to develop a sustainable green resort in Raub, Pahang, expected completion in year 2012.

For the UAV Smart Geo Tag project, Colin focuses on sales development, technical design and functionality of it. Due to his vast experience both in technical and sales, Colin will be able to provide detail and customized consultation to clients from different industries ranging from golf courses, plantations, developers, ministries, and so forth. His main role is to ensure that the special requirement from their clients are met and customized accordingly, in compliance with the technical capabilities of the product as well as the regulations of the industry concerned. Handling clients feedback and complaints will be his main concern, to ensure the continuity of correct usage of the product as well as further development into later phases.

Role in this project

As Chief Technology Officer in Independence-X Aerospace, Colin’s role lies in handling of various Technological activities ranging from the gathering of expertise & liaison within individual segments of the Launch Vehicle, Lunar Lander and the Rover. The Technologies in building a Space Craft to the moon comprises of a large number of experts. Together with Izmir, Colin’s role would be to ensure that common goals are met and targets adhered to.

Also due to his experience in Sales & Marketing, Colin’s additional role would be a bridge between the Operations and of Engineering in Independence-X.


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