1. Assalamualaikum…

    Dah hampir 3 tahun saya tinggalkan UiTM… Cuma nak tahu apa perkembangan terbaru?

    • Salam comradov, We will begin the upgrade and expansion of the Independence Team technology and structure. Launch Vehicle, SpaceCraft, Lunar Lander rocket development will be taking place next year.

  2. assalamaulaikum bro… ble nak balik tanah air tumpah darah….

    • Salam comrade bro, ak akn touchdown Malaysia tanah air tercinta, pada 15 December 2009. Then we have got lots of work to do. Moon is in our sight.

  3. can’t wait to start the mega project…ha ha.. blikan aku maglite punya bulb…

  4. Asslamualaikum bro,

    aku pernah terbace pasal GLXP di satu majalah sains international. setahu aku project nie mesti 90% privately funded. so camne korg nak cari dana kewangan ntuk support project nie. kalo nak buat project camnie kurg2 pon kena ada RM1 juta. tak termasok research & development.

    lagi pon ko pon sedang belajar lg kan? camne nak bagi tumpuan antara pembelajaran dan mencari dana kewangan.

    tapi pape pon aku kagum ade wakil dari malaysia yg berani join bende camnie. usaha adalah 90% kejayaan. so usahalah bersungguh2. mungkin korg ade idea yg gempak tp low cost. gud laq!!!

  5. Dear Mohd Izmir Yamin and Team Independence-X,
    Stanford On The Moon is an alumni club focused on creating a lunar presence for Stanford University. Since the concept was first suggested by Steve Durst during the 2000 Reunion, we have presented Reunion Weekend conferences featuring lunar explorers and entrepreneurs, including Dr. Buzz Aldrin, NASA Ames Director Pete Worden, Astronaut William F. Fisher, Astronomer Claudio Maccone, and Technology Investment Expert Alan Marty. We have also worked with several Stanford professors. Over 200 alumni, professors and friends of Stanford University have joined us.
    In 2011, we thought nothing could be more exciting than introducing the current generation of lunar explorers and entrepreneurs: the Teams of the Google Lunar X Prize competition. The event will take place on Friday, October 21, 2011 from 3:00 – 5:30pm on Stanford campus. All Homecoming Reunion alumni — as well as Stanford On The Moon participants — will be invited to hear a brief presentation about each team, and then mingle while enjoying light refreshments.
    This event is envisioned as an opportunity for Stanford Alumni to get acquainted with the GLXP teams and learn about their plans for reaching the Moon, as well as providing an opportunity to become engaged and even involved in this historic competition.
    Thank you for your interest in participating at this important event.
    Best regards,
    Steve Durst, Class of 1965
    Michelle Gonella, Class of 1981
    Stanford On The Moon
    Space Age Publishing Company
    480 California Avenue, Suite 303
    Palo Alto, CA 94306

  6. Dear IDXA team,
    While reading the NST papers recently, I found your project interesting and interested to follow up with it. In the chronology items I have not seen the project development schedule and future events. Don’t mind putting up some major events and dates before the final launching time. Thanks and regards,
    Col Mohd

  7. An idea:

    – to save launch cost, piggy-back underwing or on top of common jetliner like the mriya.
    – upon reaching earth atmospheric border, separate and then launch the booster rocket with the payload

  8. Mr. Rocketman!

    How your progress.Any update for your new project?


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